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Great thing my brother @brianpuspos is doing. Please go, or give to any charity or organizations that are helping with relief for typhoon haiyan.

'Hope For Haiyan' Benefit Concert December 14, 2013 @ Stereo Live Houston, TX

Performers: Us The Duo Passion @AndrewAGarcia @MosWantedCrew Soundbox ArchiTEKS many more Hosted by TK Nguyen

GA $30 
GA + Meet & Greet $40 
GA + Meet & Greet + After Party $60 Meet & Greet BBQ

3-5pm Show 6-8pm After Party 10-2pm

TICKET SALES go to Contact
Nathan Yap
Federico Villamayor
Brian Puspos

All money is going to They will have somebody there at the event, give pictures and updates as the project is going in the Philippines, and let us “adopt” and area that anybody can visit and see what we were able to find.

#houston #Philippines #typhoonhaiyan #haiyan #concert

Tired of all this bitching

I’m sorry, but I am gunna go on a rant that has been on my mind for awhile so read if you want.

The gym is a place with equipment for you to use to lose weight. It ,however much you wish it is maybe, is not a place you show up to and will make you lose weight. One does not need to go to the gym to lose weight; you could always-I don’t know, move around! 

There is always something to be done. Sweep the floors, wash your car, mow the lawn, take a walk, clean then windows- whatever it is its better than sitting around all day watching tv and playing on your phone for the whole damn day with your only breaks to use the restroom and stuff your face. 

Seeing over weight people at the gym is awesome, they stop wishing they could lose weight and did something about it. Those are the people i feel bad if they gain weight, but if you haven’t done a damn thing about it and you packed on the weight and cry about it you will see my ” I don’t give a fuck” stare.

Besides working out its about your eating habits. If you want to try a diet go ahead, not my thing. I am a eat what you please but think about it first than implement moderation. It is something I will preach since it has worked for me. Its sickening and makes me laugh so hard to see someone eat a big meal, than go for another one in less than 2 hours just because someone called them to get food. WHY!?!?! Seriously why can you not just say no, or what i do say you will go but just to hang out.

I’ve seen lazyness hit people with pounds and pounds of fat. I use to be one of them, but I did something thing about it. I have friends who complain about their weight, well shit it is not my fault you did this to yourself. I will help where I can but when those words fall on deaf ears and their actions continue or get even worse well than that is fine. Do as you please, but if you are going to bitch about it be prepare to do something about it, or just stop complaining.

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